GSS product characteristics

alta calidad

High quality

Failure rates 500ppm, Failure rates of key parts 300ppm

High-performance battery

Brand new liquid-cooled and heated high ASIL battery with IP67 protection level ,Collision protection

High level of security

Double insulated design Low level of electromagnetic radiation

GSS POWER cargador eléctrico para coches - Baterías de almacenamiento GSS Power
Alta compatibilidad

High compatibility

Compatible with EV models with voltage platform from 200V to 92ov Maximum output power of 160KW from a single gun
Dynamic power allocation

Bajo nivel de ruido

Low noise level

Noise level <55dB



More than 140+ technology patents. The first 154 product development standards

GSS POWER VS Typical Fast Charger

gss power mini

GSS power

Connects to existing network infrastructure without civil works,
Achieve virtual scaling by the unit itself.

LWH small, relocatable

Easy installation

Flexible and highly efficient

vs imagen comparación

Approval restriction

Space restriction


Network utilization status

Cargador rápido típico

Typical fast charger

Need for approval for Groud’s electrical and network infrastructure upgrade

Fixed location

More investment, greater difficulty


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